After another failed knock, Yuvraj Singh admits to not enjoying OSO

Yuvi hitting on Deepika

Brisbane. 5th February 2008.

In what appears to be the most poignant cricketing-love story of this millennium, India’s ace batsman Yuvraj Singh today broke his notable silence over his recent bad form with the bat. Currently on an Australian tour with Indian Cricket Team, Yuvraj has been struggling his urge to abuse in the highly-charged series, but more so, he is struggling with his constant failures at the crease.

Castled at a paltry score of 2 by Sri Lankan Murlidharan in today’s rain-aborted match, Yuvi couldn’t take it any more and instantly called a press conference to get photographed and explain his inner demons. And his explanation?

“I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy OSO at all.”

There was hushed silence in the crowded beer-bar converted into a press-room as Yuvraj went on. “I know it sounds unreal and that’s why, I am so late in admitting it. But the pain of not liking Deepika’s debut venture has hit me hard. I lied to her (that I liked it!) and now my heavy conscience is tied to my front-foot…not allowing it to move when a ball spins away or bounces drastically.” Though experts believe that today’s admission may help the young batsman in earning another dinner date with the damsel in question,  the front foot could still need a couple of viewings of Deepika’s first Kannada film ‘Aishwarya’.

Reacting to the emotional confession by his team-mate, Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said – “I completely understand such delusions. I have been through it all myself.” Though Australian captain Ricky Ponting was unavailable for comment, Andrew Symonds reacted suspiciously. “I knowitt mate…ya’all targetting me…Last time it was Maa Ki, this time it is Deepi Ka!”



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5 responses to “After another failed knock, Yuvraj Singh admits to not enjoying OSO

  1. Anurag

    Ye maara papad waale ko…!!!! a long awaited beginning.

  2. Sushant

    chaap diya hai yuvi ko..!! 😉 loved the heavy conscience tied to his front foot bit!!

  3. Dhoni also added that he was himself very intrigued by the movie and hence asked veteran Saurav Dada to “mind (it)” his own business in ODIs!
    Moreover, according to the latest update attributed to ‘Sharad Power Uncle’, Yuvi has informed the BCCI that he plans to skip India’s tour of Sri Lanka to attend the next Beijing Olympics, given that Deepikaji’s next venture “Chandni Chowk to China” will be shot there. 🙂

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