Al Gore’s house snowstormed in Tennessee: Will return the Nobel and Oscar he won for Global Warming Alerts.

Al Gore holds it tightThe car he drove in last weekend

Nashville. 10 February 2008.

In what appears to be another case of ‘Cosmic (In)justice’, after last year’s tragic death of Big-Bang theorist Russell Arnold who died when a falling meteor hit him, Oscar winner and Presidential runner-up Al Gore’s lawn, house and hometown were hit by heavy snowstorms late last night. Soon after, Al Gore, a keen activist and power-point presenter, admitted to “going overboard with Global Warming slide-show” and promised to return his double bonanza of Oscar Award and Nobel Prize “before the next big snowstorm.”

Experts from all over the world were already up in arms against Al Gore and fellow Nobel winner RK Pachauri’s ‘the planet is boiling’ hooters and yesterday’s snowstorm has sent joy waves across the scientific community. 81 year old Prof. Jerry Goldblum of the Department of Weather Changes, University of Cincinnati, believes that “finally, the G-W bubble has burst in Gore’s f****** face!”

Later, in a hastily arranged press briefing on what used to be his lawn, Al Gore apologized to the millions of people, who after listening to his “scary lectures, have given up petrol-cars, smoking or sex to save this beautiful planet.” Standing by his side in this hour of pain and realization, IPCC Chief RK Pachauri said – “I guess there were some minor calculation errors on our part which led to this confusion. From my preliminary observation it is clear that our planet is actually going through a Global Cooling, and Gorey will come up with a new slide presentation for that very soon.”

Meanwhile, till the last reports were paged, Al Gore’s pet dog Georgie couldn’t be spotted and is feared to be swept away by this latest round of Global Cooling.


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6 responses to “Al Gore’s house snowstormed in Tennessee: Will return the Nobel and Oscar he won for Global Warming Alerts.

  1. peak9

    LOL. Great post. Al Gore will be pushing global cooling in the coming decades.



  2. Nice post as always. 🙂
    Btw, did Exxon Mobil sponsor you to write this post? 😀

  3. Sushant Kumar


  4. Here, it’s everything you need to know about global cooling

  5. thedailytamasha

    Hey Cami…

    that was a good read! Thanks. And loved the movie references, the only part worth understanding….:P

  6. twistleton

    nice post, but global warming is not just about increasing temperatures 😀 it is about the wrong weather in the wrong place at the wrong time – hot or cold.

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