IPL Aftershocks: Indian team teases Aussies for low auction prices per kilo; hurt Kirti Aazaad manhandles Ishant

The battle is not yet overI came power-dressed because I thought we are going to have a power-play

Melbourne. 22 February 2008.

The Cricketing World has not been in such a turmoil since Kapil Dev pronounced Hansie Cronje as “Hansi Karonje” Live on ESPN, during a World Cup telecast in 1996. But now, the variable pricing for invariably inconsistent players in IPL has started creating fault-lines across and through the teams.

Indian team, riding high on Deepika Padukone’s latest text message to Yuvraj and the high bids of IPL, today marched in front of Aussie dressing room and teased Ricky Ponting and company for “getting at least Rs. 12 Crore less” than them in the IPL auctions. Doing some quick on-the-spot Mathematics, Harbhajan concluded that Ishant Sharma is Rs. 20 Lakh per kilo more expensive than Andrew Symonds, since Symonds earns Rs. 2 Crores more than Ishant but also weighs around 40 kilos more.
Ponting didn’t take the ‘Jeetendra gestures’ being made by Indian team lightly and promised to find a way to weaken the Australian economy so that the Rupee-to-Aussie-Dollar conversion rate becomes favorable and his team could “fill some of the valuation gap!” He also threatened to take the matter to ICC, and “if ICC proves useless, then to ICC bosses in India, namely BCCI.”
In a related incident, former Delhi captain and presently TV host Kirti Aazaad landed up in Melbourne and tried to manhandle Ishant Sharma, reportedly “for making so much money.” Though Ishant didn’t incur any injuries, he admitted he could understand “what some of the veterans and senior players of the team were going through.”
Meanwhile in Mohali, Preity Zinta took a tour of PCA Cricket stadium to “understand the game” she has “invested in.” The ‘what’s-going-on’ starlet from 2006 blockbuster ‘Salaam Namaste’ was really impressed by the “quality of stumps being used in Cricket now-a-days!” Waving a stump, which she kept on addressing as “middle-stump”, Zinta gushed – “I am sure we will win – or at least reach the penalty shoot-out.”


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6 responses to “IPL Aftershocks: Indian team teases Aussies for low auction prices per kilo; hurt Kirti Aazaad manhandles Ishant

  1. Sushant

    hilarious, macha diye ho dada….hans hans key pet dukh gaya… preity Zinta waala best hai!!

  2. IPL is going to be a big success in a country like india. It wuld gradually be interesting for other countries as their top batsmen can play in IPL. important is the money flowing over IPL.

  3. Sushant

    aur kuchh likhogey ki nahi?? aur yeh kaun IPL ka bot web main crawling kar raha hai

  4. Sushant

    Aur kuchh likhogey, kaahey ko blog banaya agar log roz visit karein aur kuchh naa miley, dhikkar hai…(thoida sa hi dhikkar hai abhi.. badhega dheerey dheerey)

  5. kahaan ho bhai.. where are the new posts.. ee daily tamasha mein “daily” bhi hai naa.. 🙂

  6. So sad that Inzy retired before the Twenty20 era. Otherwise Ponting would have had sth to look fwd to! 😛

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