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Chidambram apologizes to his shoe-thrower for being so annoying



8 April 2009. New Delhi.

Overcome with shame, guilt, realization and recession, ex-Finance Minister, and now-Home Minister P. Chidambram today apologized to the shoe-chucker journalist Journail Singh for being “so annoying and incoherent over the last few months, and especially during the fateful press-conference that the poor journalist had no choice but to part with his leather shoe.”

“This is not the first time that somebody has thrown a shoe at me, and honest to God, I know, it’s not the last time too”, Chidu reflected at the inauguration of a shoe-factory in the Capital, just two days after the incident. He added, in a nostalgic vein, that his school-teacher Subbu Sir was the first to throw a shoe (army boots!) at him, when “as a kid, I did a basic mistake in calculating 7 minus 7, and in stead did 7 plus 7; a kind of mistake I did recently too, while calculating our economy’s growth rate.”

Chidambram praised Journail Singh for “being considerate enough to take only right-foot shoe off, and that too, he ‘offered’ gently rather than giving it a full-blooded throw.”  More praise came Journail’s way as Chidambram added, with a heartfelt glint in his right-eye, “Without suggesting that Journail Singh was slow at all, I still appreciate his lethargic throw, which gave me enough time to duck or side-step.”

Meanwhile, journalist’s groups as well as little-known religious outfits have taken offense at Chidambram’s latest comments. They have vowed to shut shops, burn state buses, and cause panic, mayhem and pain-in-the-ass in general since Chidambram has “hurt religious, professional, and leather material sentiments” by using “letahrgy, leather, Singh, and throw” in a single sentence.

Far from all this media tamasha around his simple act of removing a kankad from his shoe-sole, Journail Singh is charting new frontiers. Signed on as a TV Reality show’s new judge, he will be throwing shoes at the participants who don’t perform well, or perform too well. And before you get it all wrong, the channel executive clarifies, “Of course, there will be viewer voting on who to “shoe” and who to not.”



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