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Fake IPL Player blog written by me: Big B confesses



Mumbai. 24 April 2009.

In a revelation as bizarre as Freida Pinto landing a Woody Allen film, Superstar of the millennium (since last 30-years), Mr. Amitabh Bachchan today admitted to being the ghost writer for the near-cult Fake IPL Player Blog. The blog claiming to be a real account of Kolkata Knight Riders’ board meetings had already created a buzz by calling names to team-owner SRK. “But now it makes sense,” says Mumbai Police’s ‘Cyber Crime Cell’ chief Anant Rajulu, the man behind cracking this intriguing case.

Writing in his blog, following the cyber team’s crack, Big B admitted to starting this blog as a “fun exercise”, but claims that it grew on him. “Frankly, I hate this format as well as Lalit Modi. I mean, what’s next? A Two-Two….a two-over each match? Or just a T-T, where both the captains go out there and ‘toss’? And of course, SRK being there was an added incentive to write. I have been silent all my life but now I have the power, so nobody can stop me from faking it”, goes his one blog entry. In another entry, probably written in a mellower mood, he elaborates, “I know most of the details out there are incorrect. In fact, I would never call SRK ‘Badshah D*&@’. I mean, why bother with ‘Badshah’? And guess what, this time I foxed Shobha De too. She commented on the fake blog like a fanboy!’

Though the details of how the mystery was solved are still unknown, sources claim that cops smelled rat  when out of 2,000 or so comments on the blog, more than 1,500 were signed as “Chhotey-Bhaiyya!”


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