Zoozoo mania: Advani promises more Zoozoos, Rahul Gandhi claims Zoozoos are Gandhis

Easy Icons (Pic Courtesy: Vodafone)

Easy Icons (Pic Courtesy: Vodafone)

New Delhi. 06 May 2009.

As reports of four Zoozoos being kidnapped from a Mumbai studio remain unconfirmed, BJP’s PM candidate LK Advani today promised “more Zoozoos” if elected to power. Speaking at an election rally in Nainital in Uttaranchal, Advani waved a Zoozoo poster as he told the waiting crowd – “People say we don’t have election issues this time round. People say we don’t have a promise of hope and change like Mr. Oh-Bhama had. I say, we have Zoozoo…and our government will make sure we have a Zoozoo for every Indian, Uma Bharti included. ” At another election rally in the nearby village of Kumdi, Advani even convinced party leader Mr. Venkaiah Naidu to dress-up in a Zoozoo suit but unfortunately his legs were too thick to slip into.

Not one to be left behind, Congress hope Rahul Gandhi too called a special press conference and smiled for ten minutes. As a parting note, he told the gathering that “Zoozoos are Gandhis and there is no doubt about that.” Explaining his claim, he added – “Look at the crazy fan-following….look at their gibberish talks, and how can you miss their cute blunders!”

Khooni Tantrik

Khooni Tantrik

Meanwhile in Mumbai, PETA roped in yesteryear’s film-star and “Son-of-Dracula” Joginder in a campaign to “Save Zoozoos” from exploitation in TV Ads. PETA spokesperson in India, Alissa Beafcake, expressed her joy at “getting Joginder in, especially since after Sherlyn Chopra, we were running out of celebrities supporting our cause.”


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7 responses to “Zoozoo mania: Advani promises more Zoozoos, Rahul Gandhi claims Zoozoos are Gandhis

  1. “… a Zoozoo for every Indian, Uma Bharti included. ”

    “… called a special press conference and smiled for ten minutes.”


    gems! these are gems I tell you :).

    Also, loved the mention of Joginder. :).

  2. Sushant

    kyaa baat hai… inney saarey quotables dey diye aapney :):)

  3. thedailytamasha

    @ Animesh
    Joginder is an old fav. And in the hindsight, I think ten minutes are too less for Rahul Gandhi’s smiles.

    @ Sushant

    Kaa karein…duniya jaalim hai ghor…maange more more more! 🙂

  4. वाह! मज़ा आ गया. यार सच बताओ.. ये तुम ही लिखते हो? मैं अब भी विश्वास नहीं कर पाता हूँ कि मैं ऐसे गज़ब के व्यंग्य बाण छोड़ने वाले को सीधे जानता हूँ… आई मीन डाईरेक्ट!

    वैंकया नायडू वाला संदर्भ कमाल था. मुझे बंगारू लक्ष्मण से लेकर जना कृष्णमूर्ति तक सब लाइन से याद आ गए. एक-एक कर ’ज़ूज़ू यूनीफ़ॉर्म’ में फ़िट होने की कोशिश करते!

    • LMAO

      And wot of the Southern Supremamma

      Imagining Amma in Zoozoo outfit makes me really want to sign up for the “Save Zoozoos” campain’

  5. thedailytamasha

    @ miHir

    यार मैं तो बस निमित्त मात्र हूँ…असली लिखवाने वाले तो हमारे महान pop culture icons ही हैं और हाँ, हमारी media को लेकर पल-पल बदलती समझ (या नासमझी). और ज़ू-ज़ू सूट में बंगारू जी तो एक बार पहले ही ज़ू-ज़ू बन चुके हैं, sting operation में. 😛

    @ Shankari

    🙂 With that cape (shawl?) Amma is already half-a-zoozoo we can say. And with that name, so is Vaiko! 🙂

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