Newborn baby predicts poll outcome, while Rahul Gandhi doesn’t rule out post-poll alliance with Balochistan National Congress

"Hung...Hung...Hung" (Pic Courtesy:

"Hung...Hung...Hung" (Pic Courtesy:

New Delhi. 12 May 2009.

Villagers of Shahpur Baadli in Delhi’s adjacent Okhla District are still in a shock as a lady gave birth to a miracle baby, termed aptly as ‘Polu’ by the local media. Reports suggest that the newborn can be called India’s youngest poll-pundit as the baby has been muttering ‘hung…hung…hung’ unstoppably since her birth two days ago. Baby ‘Polu’ has also given other indications as to what could be in store for the bigger parties by peeing on her ‘hand’ and biting the ‘lotus’ when presented to her.

Polu’s father Banwaari, a Congress supporter himself (mainly because he finds Priyanka’s fashion sense good), said that he suspected something strange pretty early as the kid bawled badly at seeing the picture of Sonia Gandhi but smiled beatifically on being shown Jaya Prada and Amar Singh’s poster. TV Psephologists and Astrologers, led by Bejan Daruwala and Yogendra Yadav, have dismissed the whole incident as a sabotage-bid by the villagers adding – “That’s ridiculous! Poll-prediction is data based, highly sophisticated, statistical, and divine exercise. We have the data, and our prediction is Hung Parliament. Who is that kid?”

No borders, post-poll

No borders, post-poll

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi cleared the decks for more post-poll alliances and didn’t rule out a “look at Balochistan National Congress for a secular government soon.” Rubbishing media claims that INC is falling short of allies, Rahul Gandhi emphasized “the need for an open mind post-polls.” “Balochsitan is not far-off, and they are Congress anyways!”, he concluded.


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10 responses to “Newborn baby predicts poll outcome, while Rahul Gandhi doesn’t rule out post-poll alliance with Balochistan National Congress

  1. jayashree

    Hilarious,Varun. Very clever too.Enjoyed reading it.Jayashree

  2. Polu .. LOL

    you, sir, are too good!


  3. thedailytamasha

    @ Jayashree, Animesh

    Thanks for the kind words. These are depressing times, and this is my last resort. 🙂

    – V

  4. Sushant

    I came online after a long time (3-4 days) and was greeted with this 🙂 Good one again!! Polu is really cute1 hope you have the copyright for the photographh! Aur daily tamasha ab actually regular tamasha banta jaa raha hai

  5. Paromita

    The next in line is a foetus predicting doomsday! Honestly, these are depressing times… anything’s possible.

  6. Paromita

    There’s no limit to absurdity.

  7. superb posting, especially rahul gandhi’s post election alliance was good.

  8. Aakash

    your posts are just too good…

  9. Tamashe mein twist … Even God Gifted Polu turned out to be wrong …why poor “exit-poll walas” are always at receiving end 😛

  10. hilarious, it can happen only in India…

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