SRK, Amir Support As Multiplex Popcorn Sellers Go On Strike Too

Pop it again...

Pop it again...

Mumbai. 29 May 2009.

In another blow to the ongoing multiplex-producer stand-off, Popcorn Sellers Union Of India (Caramel and Cheese Included) today went on an ‘indefinite strike’ owing to current profit-sharing system in place.”We are making more money for Multiplexes than those Akshay Kumar duds like “CC2C” or “Tasveer Eighty”, and we get no profit share?” lamented Raja Singh Chandel, President of PSUI (CCI) in a press statement. Though Multiplex Owners Association could not be contacted for a comment, a reliable source confirmed that “the development (sic) may force Lalit Modi into organizing two more IPLs this year, with cheerleaders munching the popcorn strategically in strategy breaks”.

Popcorn industry, estimated to be Rs. 400-Crore big, has been going through a low-phase since new-age filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Murugadoss arrived on scene. Noted Psychologist, Dr. Indira Verma, insists that “more the violence, sex, politics, or memory loss in a film, lesser is the viewer’s desire to eat something, especially feel-good things like popcorn or Kismi toffee bar. That’s why we don’t see Kismi in the markets anymore.”

You look kkrushed!

You look kkrushed!

Meanwhile Popcorn Sellers Union of India (Caramel and Cheese Included) got a much-needed voice of support from Amir Khan who promised “to speak to Shahrukh, arrange a press-meet, and then remain silent so that Shahrukh could do all the talking and I could retain my serious image.” Shahrukh, on the other hand, seemed much more enthusiastic to support Popcorn-strikers and issued a statement saying “Hell, I have supported KKR. This can’t be worse!”

In a related development (sic), Multiplex owners have decided to extend their strike till year 2025 as by then, they will be “more clear in terms of what our demands are.”



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9 responses to “SRK, Amir Support As Multiplex Popcorn Sellers Go On Strike Too

  1. haha.. good one.

    PSUI (CCI) – 🙂

    And yes, I miss Kismi too :-(.

    btw, you cannot use “(sic)” unless you are quoting someone. Therefore its use in the last para is invalid :-P.

  2. thedailytamasha

    Glad you asked. I knew you would. Used it on purpose! Sic, I mean.

    To spoof the mysterious ways in which it’s used in print media. Am sure more than 90 percent people won’t know how it’s used and why…and still, it’s used overwhelmingly.

    So yes, in a way, am quoting the media here.

  3. even i just found out what [sic] is.

  4. I agree with the first comment. It’s use was funny in the first instance but using it in the last paragraph just makes the reader think that you’re not sure how to use it, which kinda turns the joke onto you.

    That aside, it is a brilliantly written and exceedingly funny article. I’m glad Yash mentioned this blog to me in passing a few weeks ago. I’ve been a regular reader ever since. 🙂

  5. LOL! The second statement of my previous comment has a typo in it (I accidentally wrote “it’s” instead of “its”). How’s that for irony (given that I was talking about the right usage of the word “sic”)?

  6. thedailytamasha


    Well…I guess I should have used a couple more ‘sics’ elsewhere to drive home the point…but here, the joke was a double-edged one. how media always calls everything a ‘development’ even if the news is terrible. Eg. “In a related development, Mr. X died.”

    So yes, I should have put it in quotes but then that would have killed the ‘reportage’ feel given to the whole thing. Heck…I have never explained anything as much as this ‘sic’.

    Phew. Almost regretting I used it. 😦


    Good for you. Keep visiting… 🙂

  7. Vikash

    😀 it was too good… and it seems that the mba’s strategy bug is tickling u too…
    cheerleaders munching popcorns strategically during strategy breaks… 😛
    PSUI (CCI) and the amir-srk stuff were very amusing… likhte raho …. 🙂

  8. Vikash

    i am not able to recall if at all i hav ever noticed ‘sic’!!
    may be whenever i saw tht, just ignored it considering a foreign jargon… i m getting habitual of skipping jargons… 😉

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