Obama, Mamta and Advani Star in 2009 Summer Releases

Mumbai/ Los Angeles. 23 June 2009.

Hollywood and Bollywood’s 2009 Summer looks hotter than ever with some of the most entertaining and daring superstars coming together for some of the most awaited releases of the year. Here’s the list:

1. Good Reason Hunting: A BJP-RSS co-production, starring yesteryear superstars LK Advani and Rajnath Singh, with Varun Gandhi, Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu and Sudheendra Kulkarni in supporting roles.

Earlier titled - Lust, Caution

2. Gulaal-Garh: An Indo-China Co-Production, this one is the much-awaited sequel to ‘The Thin Red Line For Thick-Skinned Oldies’.

Earlier titled - 'Laal Dupatta Malmal Ka'

3. Dare You Fly Over Cuckoo’s Nest: The debut venture of mild-man Obama, this one is an action thriller with some spine-chilling stunts and a blink-and-miss appearance by a house fly.

Who doesn't love flying?

Yes, you can!



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11 responses to “Obama, Mamta and Advani Star in 2009 Summer Releases

  1. Earlier Titled “Lust, Caution” :). LOL

  2. lol at Good Reason Hunting! But could it be that the Obama shot is from the wrong movie? Looks like a shot from Nagin (or Noggin’ in the US) 🙂


  3. swadesh

    Grover Bhai Maja aa gaya…simply gr8…achcha lagta hai…jab oonchi udan bharte ho..jai ho..

  4. thedailytamasha

    Dost….tumhein achha laga yeh sach mein achhi baat hai. Kyunki khaali ‘mazaak banaana’ iss blog ki koshish nahin hai…koshish karte hain ki kahin koi sochne waali baat aaye. 🙂 Jai Ho!

    Guess you meant ‘Naggin’ haa haa…very good one!

  5. Mayank

    “Good Reason Hunting” and “Bharat Bandh Prdouctions” were really good.
    But was little disappointed that I did not find the mention of my fav “Lalu” on the blog 😦

    This blog is a really nice attempt…Keep it coming!!

  6. D

    LOL @ ‘Good Reason Hunting’

    Good one!

  7. Sushant

    Bharat band production (ha ha ha)I must tell you your posts are getting better and better and sharper and sharper!!! and ever funnier

  8. urvashi3

    Especially liked the one about Obama! 😀

  9. Nic stuff!!!
    Read all the posts on page1…. hillarious as well as well though of… please keep up the good posts….

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