Baba Ramdev Uses Yoga To Give Birth To A Child

Just an excuse to touch you, boy

Just an excuse to touch you, boy

Rishikesh. 10 July 2009.

Patanjali exponent, Yoga logarithm, social-advocate and health-expert Baba Ramdev today gave birth to a healthy chubby child using ancient Yoga techniques and his powers of convincing. The delivery was natural and Baba’s meru-dand straight before and after the 27-second long procedure.

As reported earlier, Rishikesh-based Baba Ramdev became pregnant using a secret form of Yoga, the same form which could cure the homosexuals and convert cows into CIA agents. The month-long pregnancy invited curious visitors from across the world including the missing brain of MJ, and Chinese Premier Hu hu cancelled his G-8 summit with the non-chinese world to be by Baba’s side in his moment of fruition.

Baba’s spokesperson, a Yoga-driven I-BOT addressed the media soon after the delivery, and said with a smile – “Yoga can solve Lagrange’s equation too. If only somebody could make the equation sit straight!” Though the speculations are rife as to what this new-born Yoga-Baby could achieve in the years to come, Rakhi Sawant has invited the baby to be a part of her  ‘swayamvar’ show. “I think jab maine iss baby ko dekha…I fell in…spiritual love. And I like pyoorrety. Pyoore peapal, pyoore emotion”, Rakhi said with a genuine twinkle in her eyes.

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20 responses to “Baba Ramdev Uses Yoga To Give Birth To A Child

  1. Sushant

    awesome 🙂 photo bhi amazing hai!!!

  2. Divyanshu

    he he he.. Baba ji.. cancer and aids tak to theek tha.. curing Homosexuality thoda zyada ho gaya…
    Healing, hurt this time…

  3. barcelonareporter


  4. :-). I wonder what is next!

  5. V

    Karne se hota hai …. 😉

  6. _!_

    Baba Ramdev… aapne MBBS kaha se kiya?? lol. Homosexuality ko cure karenge. Firstly he should shift his attention towards curing his eye which looks like a dipper in comparison to the other one which resembles a headlight. lmao!

    • P

      Not a very avid follower of Baba Ramdev, but can tell you this – get your facts right dude! He cured his polio by doing Yoga and so is the eye like that. First you get the same amount of dedication and sincerity in your actions and then start commenting on others.

  7. thedailytamasha

    @ _!_
    Headlightt and dipper! Haa haa haa…

  8. Baba Ramdev should be told to just practice his yoga and not talk about things that are beyond his understanding!

  9. sati

    i really like the rakhi ka swayambhar thinge..:}

  10. u got a really nice blog running… 🙂

  11. was going through the comments and i can’t believe there are morons here who can’t take humor the way they should: with a smile!

    your blog has been the inspiration for my own. great work!

    • thedailytamasha


      exactly for the same reason you stated (people taking offense), i think blogs like this should spread and multiply.

      And thanks for the kind words…

  12. Rakhi said with a genuine twinkle in her eyes.

    Seriously – her twinkles just come in at the wrong time. And are so conspicuous that one tend to forget the actual plot and think why did she twinkle the way she did. And that’s on of the differences between her twinkle and Sridevi’s – the timing!

  13. rotfl. made my day already. and it has barely started.

    btw, hope that the baby and the (mo/fa)ther are in good health. does this mean we don’t see baba on television for a while? (how wistful!)


  14. Its looking like a funny can it possible.. lol

  15. Well, If it really become true..womenn will be much relaxed

  16. Q

    As someone rightly said…
    Karne se hota hai! 😛

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