CommonWealth 2010 Renamed As CommonPlace 2010

Lower. Slower. Over.

Lower. Slower. Over.

New Delhi. 16 September 2009.

In a strategic move aimed at relieving the Delhi administration off any deadlines and unachievable ambitions related to the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010, the Government of India stepped in today to rename the sporting event as ‘CommonPlace 2010’. Cabinet Sports Minister MS Gill and IOA President since AD 1726 Mr. Suresh Kalmadi made the announcement at a chilled-out cocktail party thrown to mark the change.

“Why take pressure?”, said Kalmadi while sipping on his cocktail ‘Bloody Fennell’. “End of the day, these idiots will come from all over the world and jump over these stupid rods, or run around in stadiums, throwing and fetching bhaalas. And we bloody lose our sleep for them?’, Kalmadi questioned candidly. Sports Minister MS Gill too was all praise for this ‘logical change’ proposed by the Lowered Expectations Committee of the GOI. “They want us to have one lakh hotel rooms free. Who are we? Vaishno Devi Shrine Board?”, Gill muses.

According to the new road-map, CommonPlace 2010 will need 20 unfinished stadiums, 10 unfinished swimming pools, 25 unfinished open-area pandaals, at least 250 badly kept hotel rooms, and a security cover of at least 500 policemen with or without uniform. “It’s still a lot of work, if you see”, admitted one bureaucrat from the Organizing Committee of CPG2010. “We have 5 unfinished swimming pools, and getting 5 more may need some work. But yes, the new roadmap looks achievable…and then, we can renegotiate always”, the unnamed source winked bureaucratically.

Proposed site for Swimming Events. Not much work left as per the new roadmap.

Proposed site for Swimming Events. Not much work left as per the new roadmap.

Although, some stray voices of dissent still rang through the cocktail party, prominently of Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit. “What will happen to our BRTS? We spent 5-years planning that. It’s a modern enginering marvel…and now they say they don’t want it. It doesn’t go with the ‘vision’?”, Dikshit fumed. Though she is less fazed by Government’s proposal to use Delhi Metro Under-Construction Sites for ‘weightlifting and gymnastics events’. “That is good! We will get live promotions by international athletes. In fact, we had planned the work this way only.”

Meanwhile, Austere Rahul Gandhi, riding a train for the first time in his life, was highly offended by the graffiti inside the train toilet. “People are doing crazy images with our party’s symbol”, he admitted wide-eyed.

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11 responses to “CommonWealth 2010 Renamed As CommonPlace 2010

  1. Hilarious!
    Shared on Reader

  2. Hey, nice to see you back in action, after a relatively lull period in the last couple of months

  3. Waah! ! Chha gaye guru 🙂

  4. thedailytamasha

    Thanks. 🙂

    @PP from FN
    Yes, a bit occupied with this new show of mine, on the internet. Check it out when you have time.

    Always a pleasure to see you(r) smile(y).

  5. sahi hai… Rahul gandhi’s reaction on grafti was shocker.

  6. hahaha..too good bro…nice going!!! always make me smile… 😀

  7. amiss

    very well put…!! gr8 work!

  8. Hemanth

    Awesome…simply awesome.

  9. Praveen


    I came across your blog y’day.Very funny and satirical. Went through many of the articles. This was the best one for me considering the current situation though you have written it long time back itself 🙂 Keep the good eork going bro..

  10. twistleton

    Everyday, you save me a little.

    Thank you.

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