A True Story

John was a regular 20-year old. Full of life, love, and rosy dreams. He loved Kathy who lived across the John Woo street. John would take her to see the sunset and she would ask him ‘You really love me? Please tell me you will never leave me.’ It was a love blessed by angels.

But one fine day, evil struck. John, who was a poor newspaper boy,  was hit by a milk wagon. His legs were chopped by the doctor. He could not walk anymore. Kathy got the news and she came running to the hospital. But John was gone. He had left, without a message. Kathy cried and cried, asked many people, but John was untraceable. She knew he didn’t want to be a burden on her for the rest of life and that’s why he left.


This is a true story. This could happen to you. But God is great. God loves you. So please pass this photo and message of our God Raj Hirani to 100 people in the next 15-minutes and a miracle will happen.

Note: A man in Washigton passed this message to 100 people and within a week, he won a Nobel Prize. Another man in Hyderabad ignored this message, and within a week, he got deprived of all the women he was getting for 40-years.

Choice is yours. Aal Izz Well.

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11 responses to “FWD: MUSSST SEEEEE…. Plssssssssss…..MUSSTTTT SEEEE

  1. thedailytamasha

    My take on 3 Idiots, a bit cryptic this time (hence on my satire blog).

    Tried to write a ‘proper’ review – attempted at least 7 drafts, but all were either too angry, or too complicated. It felt like fighting a religious theory – utterly absurd on the face, but with so much mass acceptance, and just the right amount of
    feelgood key-words, that logic, cynicism, or analysis didn’t stand much chance.

    So yes, in a way, it’s an acceptance of defeat. Humor is the last resort of bittered.

  2. !!!
    [smiles, wonders where the review is…]

  3. vijay

    ‘All Izz Well’ …is mantra ka subah aur shaam 101 baar jaap karen…kaisa bhi kaam 100% samadhan……..rest ‘ god is great’, ‘ god loves you’….

  4. While this is funny (lost all women he had for 40 years 😛 ), I am not sure I get all the context.

    Maybe it is because I have not seen the movie yet :-).

    BTW, did you see the Raju Hirani video where they shredded chetan bhagat’s allegations?


  5. I agree … itsssssss a mussssssst seeeeeeee . Nice post. And yes, was this a review ?? *gasp*.
    BTW bhagwan John ki aatma ko shanti de. Aal Izz Well.
    @ Above : Nobel Prize referred to Obama and lost all women refers to another God among us, ND Tiwari.

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  7. hahah Thanks for posting our video!:)

  8. twistleton

    “feel good social massage” – Oath of Hypocrites?

    Don’t despair, because despair is not a good feeling 🙂

  9. twistleton

    wow my comment does not await moderation?!
    Go Daily!

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