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Rediff Message Board Gets Its First-Ever Decent Comment In 10 Years

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Too Much To Handle

Too Much To Handle

Mumbai. 18 June 2009.

Unbelievable, and many experts still say it’s a hoax, but Rediff.Com message board has finally registered a single decent comment after more than 50 Lakh comments being posted in the last 10-years of operations.

The comment in question was posted on Rediff’s latest story about Indian stock market and was the first-ever in rediff’s history which didn’t use the words ‘fuck’, ‘sex’, ‘shit’, or any other Indian language expletives (including the dubious and oft-repeated ones like ‘bhasmasur trmk’), neither it contained any overt or covert prejudices based on gender, caste, religion, nation, proximity to a river, zoo or jungle, body structure, eating habits, Saurav Ganguly, SRK or Anurag Kashyap camps, or previous comment maker’s knowledge of English, Hindi or Tamil.

The path-breaking comment was made by someone called “Crazy_doll_125_Ludhiana_Idli” and the golden decent words were – “Hi”. Rediff message boards are still grappling with this new unexpected development and many follow-up comments have resorted to strongly abusing  ‘crazy_doll…’ for trying to vilify the atmosphere. Some, like ‘Jat_Boyy_Hot’ feel that “krazy doll niid me bedly” while another regular visitor ‘C K V’ blames “b***rd ludhiana doll” for trying to “abuse South Indians by using idli as an internet-surname.” CKV then goes on to discuss the whole Dravidian history and how Aryans invaded the real India, triggering a fight-back by login names like ‘History_Prof’, ‘Aryan_Bodybuilder’ and ‘GOFUKCMALLU’.

Heated discussions were reported from Rediff’s other message boards too, notably from the thread discussing Indian team’s exit from WC T-20. One longish message by ‘Dhoni_Fan_536’ claimed to know the origins of ‘thees ludhiana dolls…they are all Paki prrostitutues’s…and they gain entry in indiana site’s lyke rediff b looking cute….saying hi…then abyu’se ower site’s, ower country’s, ower player’s…kargil is still fresh in our woond’s…musharaf b***dr, a*** crazy_doll…I kill you.”

Meanwhile, comment moderators and editors at Rediff are still debating whether to retain the ‘decent’ comment or start another fire by removing it.

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