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IPL commentator dies of excitement during strategy break

Johnnie...no more in the picture.
Johnnie…no more in the picture.

Cape Town. 14 May 2009.

Silencing T20 critics and ICL supporters in one blow, Johnnie Oswald, the New Zealand born famous IPL commentator died here of a heart-attack while announcing the very exciting ‘strategy break’ feature of an IPL 2.0 game between Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals. Eyewitnesses and fellow cheer-girls later confirmed that Johnnie just loved announcing ‘strategy break’ in the most heart-thumping, outlandish way and today he just overdid it. Johnnie’s last sentence, though unfinished, was – “Strategy Break!! This is where they win or lose!! Goosebumps all over the place…I feel like…”

Johnnie’s death comes at a time when critics of the format, and especially ‘strategy break’ innovation, are running amok calling it another step in whoring of Cricket, “and that too, in the most boring way.” IPL’s veteran host Arun Lal, sitting next to Johnnie at the time of mishap, summed up his shock while speaking to a Lalit-Modi approved news channel – “Johnnie did a ‘Yo-Man’ service to the format. I think his death was a Citi Moment of Shock for me, and he will be Pepsi-missed in the commentary box. And trust me, he was DLFucking good with his job!” 


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