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Journo Bites Dog To File ‘Journo Bites Dog’ Story

Graphic representation, original image too un-PETA. (Image Courtesy: Vague)

Indore. 05 May 2010.

In a landmark moment for journalists’ brotherhood around the world, Tirlochan Singh, a cub-reporter with a city newspaper ‘Jaago’, today bit a sleeping street dog to get his mandatory ‘man bites dog’ story of the day. ‘Jaago’ cameraman Abhay Shinde was present to capture the poignant scene for posterity.

Speaking to fellow print journalists, Tirlochan Singh later confessed that he is “an accidental hero” here. “These TV news reporters have muddied the news market. Nobody wants to entertain us as we don’t have a video camera, nor do we shout when we speak. So, it was in this frustrated state of mind, my eyes fell on this sleeping dog. I knew what I wanted to do”, Tirlochan adds matter-of-factly. Victim street dog Bittu was unavailable for comments, while unconfirmed reports suggest that a prominent TV news channel has kidnapped it for an in-depth story.

No dog can sleep like a dog now (Image courtesy: Primco.org, David Primmer)

Though ‘Jaago’ Managing Editor Shankar Sharma was all praise for Tirlochan’s innovative reporting tactics, he wished “Tirlochan had chosen a better looking dog to bite, and perhaps in a more upmarket area of the city”, since “Jaago” has more readership uptown. “Why would people in IAS Colony care about a dog being bitten in Kamla Nehru Nagar?”, Sharma added grimly, before cheering up again and hoping “it’s the beginning of a new age. Dogs are waiting to be bitten!”

Meanwhile, local train motormen strike ended in Mumbai last night, leaving millions of Mumbaikars no choice but to get on with their screwed-up lives.

(Idea Courtesy: Man Bites Dog group on FB, for the subconscious tick.)



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