Ayodhya Verdict Leaked: Land To Go To IIPM

Leaked vision for tomorrow

Allahabad. 22 September 2010.

In a shocking leak, apparently carried out by underpaid clerks of Allahabad high court, the much-awaited verdict in Babri Masjid land-title case declared Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) to be the rightful owners of the property. “IIPM owned the land much before Mughals invaded India, forget Britishers”, reads the powerful text accompanying the verdict given by 3-member High Court bench in Allahabad. “IIPM’s legacy goes  back to the days of Nalanda-Taxila, and we have banner-ads to prove that even in the days of Chandragupta Maurya, Kings used to send their illegitimate children to IIPM Universities”, the court noted as an aside.

The design of proposed IIPM structure at Ayodhya

Professor Arindam Chaudhury, the founder, speaker and transformational leader at IIPM called the verdict “a fitting reply to the detractors of IIPM, including UGC” and said “a new fugly structure, preceded by fugly newspaper ads, will soon come up at the site, handing out European-countryside-attested MBA degrees to Indian-countryside-kids”.

With this, the 300-year long dispute over Ayodhya – a rare small-town in UP with more cows than Mayawati statues – has come to a symbolic end. Hindu-Muslim issues expert Mannu Raza noted: “I know not many would be happy with this verdict. Especially the TV commentators who love the smell of froth coming out of their mouth. But then, this could have been worse. The land could have been given to Suresh Kalmadi for the next CWG!”

Celebrity-on-call Mahesh Bhatt, though, seemed elated by the verdict. “I have been saying for long that a Sulabh Shauchalaya or a Disneyland kind of structure would be a nice middle ground where people of all religions visited. It turns out they found a good mix of Sulabh Shauchalaya and Disneyland in IIPM”, Bhatt said.

Extremists and skeptics on either side, meanwhile, had a hard day following the leak. “For the last 1-month, I have been stocking-up Maggi, thinking there will be a siege and we will burn all the shops down . Now tell me, what the fuck should I do with all this Maggi?”, was the poignant question by Chunnu in Lucknow.


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86 responses to “Ayodhya Verdict Leaked: Land To Go To IIPM

  1. gargim

    V funny…and great banner pic to go with it too!

    • agni

      y it happens when congress takes any decision it never gets decided look at kashmir, assam problem ,sri lanka ,nexalites ,ayodhaya hindu muslim riots, and many other all we know right from the begining of the nation .Congress always uses problem as a political issue .Knowing this nature of congress BJP cashed it last time lets see what happens this time .Ilove indians but hate these rulers

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this.. may people understand the meaning of Satire after reading it..

  3. haha… too good; and i guess one of the reason for your late lunch… 😀

    “…good mix of Sulabh Shauchalaya and Disneyland in IIPM” …… 😀 things beyond IIMs!

    good to know that IIPM was ‘guru-cool’ for the illegitimate children…. 😛

  4. Vibs...

    hahahaha..sulab shauchalaya +disney land=IIPM *wipes off tears*

  5. Wow! Now that’s the humor I like! 😀

  6. Anupama

    This is really cool!

  7. Now WTF am I going to do with all the Maggi?!

    Priceless :).

  8. JR Kumar

    I thought we need to have laugh over this issue also, but could never think that IIPM would figure in. Nice thought.

  9. hahaha..anything about IIPM… rofl :))

  10. Ganesh

    Fantastic. Hope it is true:-)

  11. Too Damn Good ! LOL … IIPM .. an instt with a marketing pitch I love to hate .. there’s self made godmen and there’s Mr. Chaudhari

    .. Suresh kalmadi reference and Mahesh bhatt are excellent lol .. a 5 star one this..

    .. what an idea sirji … !

  12. Kora Kagaz

    Why is everyone laughing, going LOL and all?? You mean this is not real!? Hail IIPM! Glory be to Arindumb Chodh’ree!
    And please, IIPM is much much better than sulabh shauchalaya. Sulabh charges only about two rupees per visit.

  13. sundeep

    nice satire .

  14. Gr8 ….enjoyed…. except the cuss word at the end…i guess you are just being human and pardonable

  15. pinksocks

    We are in safe hands now \m/
    Loved the post 😀

  16. LOL!!! One of the funniest I have read in the recent past!!!

  17. Akhil1594

    Bingo!….thats great….would be a real good option where various religions can worship God in the form of education…kool!

  18. Amit

    Nice one…………………..

    I can not stop laughing… 🙂

  19. Awesome… Just awesome. It is hard to pick which angle I liked best. Everything from Arindumb to Maggi was spot on.

    Since the Navjot Sidhu post you hadn’t written much at all. And in the interregnum, my eyes were comfortably transfixed (too uncomfortably for my office colleagues) on the mobile phone neatly ensconced amongst Larissa Riquelme’s ample assets!

    I was disappointed that you did not pick on the (Un)Common Wealth Games crap in the last few weeks. I am sure, however, that you will pick up steam and unleash your satirical prowess once the Common Wealth Blames commence!

    Love your work…

  20. ravi cavale

    Superb commentary on the state of things & the state of mind of a country held to ransom by a few thugs parading as politicians /self proclaimed relegious bigots -who claim to be the true inheritors of the great legacy that is supposed to be India !As if there are no other issues that require our attention- food,heath & shelter for example- we fight over mandir & masjid !A few hundred more lives & livelihoods (of the poor)will be lost in the melee,as usual & we will continue to claim for ourselves the mantle of a great rashtra & oldest known civilisation & blah blah……
    aal is well,my friends …..or is it ?

  21. Arun

    Hillarious! Loved it!

  22. Rahul Singh

    Awsum post, cant get better on this issue…

  23. Parthojit

    Now u knw y do u needa take admissions in IIPM…. They gt such prime locations f colleges…

  24. DC

    No Admission[F(r)ee]!


    What a post hahahahahaha lmao

  25. Crystal

    Satire worth reading … 2 high points – Mahesh Bhatt’s comment and Maggi storage.. simply SUPERB!!

  26. abhishek

    I don’t understand why people try to always put down IIPM. I do agree that that the claims by IIPM are questionable but it is not right to defame an institution. If you have a problem why don’t you do something about it legally instead of cracking pathetic jokes ? By this time you might have guessed that i am an IIPMite so you would start to put me down. But hey…Is IIPM the only Institution that you see. There are many other B-Schools who do the same things but in bigger proportion. So, if you don’t have guts to do something legally then keep your mouth shut.

    • raj

      ……or crack jokes and laugh ..:)

    • Abhishek

      hahahahaaa.. poor you.

      Other institutions do not put their foot in the mouth like IIPM.. “Dare to think beyond the IIMs” hahahhaahhaaa…. I think AC is a smart guy because he can fool so many…

      But the post is just awesome. This is a creative best. Chunnu from Lucknow, maggi, sulabh and IIPM hahaha…

      But guys, “Dare to think beyond fiction”. This is India. Do not be shocked if you actually hear this verdict and Aaj Tak reporting it in the same way..


    • Badal

      but he like the name “IIPM” and hence he mentioned it other than any else… he he he

  27. @Abhishek

    I can understand your anger..!! 😀
    (PS: I’m not an IIPM student though)
    Anyways even other B-Schools including IIMs are nothing but a sort of placement agencies. I would love to hear how many entrepreneurs IIMs have produced since in last 5 year? You can count on your fingertips.

  28. Bhujabali

    Nice Post Dear….

  29. Sang Rakshak

    wtf- Crap.

  30. Sang Rakshak

    @Aficionado – Last year a total of three students opted the entr. route out of IIMA placements, and atleast two of them came back to sit again in the placements. so 1 entr. produced by IIM-A in one year.. isnt that a shame as well

  31. Sang Rakshak

    people just make fun about the IIPM, i dont knw what to say to them .. they are kinda bastards

  32. Be prepared to be sued for libel and defamation 🙂

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  34. champak

    Dear all

    I am an IIM A student.

    The question is not about talking whether IIPM is a bad institute or how many entrepreneur does IIM A produce. Institutes don’t produce people or leaders. Do understand IIPM tag line is just a direct challenge marketing strategy they employed. The objective might be a. to self motivate their organization or, b. to create brand recall in minds of the students etc.

    The reason why some people criticize IIPM mostly is because they believe that IIPM claims things which are difficult to attain given the liberal admission criteria they have as compared to may be some other 20-30 B schools in the country.

    Let us hope that with the brand recall becoming strong, they are as well, with time, able to build a strong batch of students which can take the institute forward and enable the participants dare to dream.

    And yes! Any school becomes a placement agency if u go there for it. If u r there to learn, there is lot more than money that u earn.


    Your Friend

    • Arpita

      Jokes apart…but finally someone who is talking some sense….hello everyone out there…here is some facts and genuine analysis…that is how we can think without personal opinion.

  35. Hilarious! My first time here and I shall come back!

  36. anup

    Please don’t make fun of IIPM. They are just like other management schools. So what if their ways of marketing is different from other management institutes. So what if their claims are outrageous.

    The people of the book (Muslims and Christians) make outrageous claims as well; like there is no God but Allah and that Jesus is the son of God. But we find the true goodness in our heart as Gandhiji showed us and we live and let live. Why such an uproar about claims made by a management institution?

    And please spare a thought for the IIPMers; they are all people like us (management graduates). Pliss live and let live and spread the message of brotherhood amongst all management graduates.

  37. Anoop

    Gr8.. had a good laugh

  38. Bunty

    Good stressbusting read!!…took sales figures out of my mind for sometime :p

    I think we dont need to get all emotional about making fun of IIPM…It is just a free speech reaction to IIPM’s marketing strategies.

    A lot of breakthrough ideas/acts are laughed at in the beginning…All the talking we’re doing about IIPM today just might be the attention this Instt’s marketing strategies desired to achieve!! So its successful in that way!

    All in all…an excellent post 🙂

  39. vijay

    simply awesome!!!

  40. Awesum Post .. I’v read recently .. Hilarious _/\_

  41. GB

    This is hilarious. Very good take. Itney logon ki ek saath kaisey letey hain.. Yahan dekhiye.

  42. You brought something fun out of a serious issue… LOL man….

    I liked the Maggie part 😛

  43. shyam

    gud n funny thoughts.. gud narration ..but wrong topic !! supreme court is supreme authority of our nation, above govt. it should be treated with respect .. today’s Tamasha was yesterday’s Tragedy, let it not be tomorrow’s bad memories for our children too.. lets hope!

  44. Animesh Mukherjee

    Listen people…..face it IIPM is nothing but a shitty institution which aims at nothing but to loot students, mostly from tier 1 and tier 2 cities if their parents hard earned money!!!


    Hell yeah i will dare,but seriously that doesnt mean I will get stuck with IIPM.

    The following 2 links will establish that IIPM is nothing but a hoax!!


    and also


  45. tm

    fucking awesome dude!!!!

  46. witty and humorous … read a nice a post aftr a long tym 🙂

  47. great post my friend,its good to try and see the funny side of this

  48. hi, nice article, but whats ur take on http://www.bihardays.com ?

  49. Sagar

    Great post! I’m sharing it on my fb page.

  50. Amresh Mishra

    The land should go to IIPM. they are producing business leaders. As far as Ayodhya is concern this land belongs to Hindus, if we belive in God & Lord Ram & same is wih Muslims. So if we are not able to find the ways whose land is this. Than its better to give it to Arindam….

  51. Aviator

    Awesome post!!!
    Really nice work…..
    I loved the Disneyland + Sulabh Shauchalay = IIPM and also illegitimate children to IIPM universities…
    keep it up!!!
    Still am Laughing!!!! 😛

  52. v tripathi

    u rock buddy 🙂

  53. hahaha

    haha u rock buddy 🙂

  54. vitruvarman

    ayodya verdict. the land belong to Tamils as whole India was Dravidians land before. ..

  55. chirag bansal

    i think the disputed land in Ayodhya should be used for charitable hospital where the people from every religion and caste can benifit
    the god will be happy by doing this

  56. human being

    she gave you land…
    you divided it into countries…
    she made you human…
    you divided it into religions…
    she gave you life…
    you divided it into materials…
    she gave you nature…
    you divided it into holy books…
    she is now asking for a reply…
    you are proving her a culprit…
    it was her mistake…
    she made humans…
    are u awake???
    she’s killing demons…

  57. Hahahahaaaa Awesomeness!

    “Now tell me, what the fuck should I do with all this Maggi?” – Diamond! LOL

    You rock dude! Subscribing to your blog, NOW!

  58. What is this tamasha? Is it befitting to write such so called or real thing which is said to be leaked. We always believe in prying and in particular the dirtisest habit of the media. Such activities should be condemned and the lawbreakers should be suitabally be punished.

  59. Sriram

    Stumbled on the site by sheer accident. And simply loved it. Humour is not the crass variety but of a high level of intelligence. Amazing Stuff.

  60. Rupam

    Very Absurd news item and very poor joke

  61. Krishnarao V

    Once Lord Sri Ram left Ayodhya for 14 years, when it was full of development.

    If Lord Sri Ram lives at present, he would have left Ayodhya again for ever leaving the piece of land for the present owners(Brothers).

    Lord Sri Bhadrachalam Ramayya was the new incarnation during Muslim ruler (The Qutub shahi king Taneshah)

    Leave the land, live for the sake of well being of all the people.

  62. Mayank

    Some how….I had missed this post.
    Luckily, I found the posting on FB.

    The best line was definitely …..”It turns out they found a good mix of Sulabh Shauchalaya and Disneyland in IIPM”

  63. malvina

    But the post is just awesome. ……This is a creative best…….. Chunnu from Lucknow, maggi, sulabh and equating wid IIPM hahaha… that Choud…rrrrrriiii wid choti.

  64. Nayala

    Wonderful.. 🙂 Kids can learn a great deal what they dont teach in MBA syllabus here!!

  65. The best option will be to convert the hot spot into a slaughter house for pigs and cows….it will earn foreign exchange through tourists…

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  67. F Insane You People Are 😀

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