Rediff Message Board Gets Its First-Ever Decent Comment In 10 Years

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Too Much To Handle

Too Much To Handle

Mumbai. 18 June 2009.

Unbelievable, and many experts still say it’s a hoax, but Rediff.Com message board has finally registered a single decent comment after more than 50 Lakh comments being posted in the last 10-years of operations.

The comment in question was posted on Rediff’s latest story about Indian stock market and was the first-ever in rediff’s history which didn’t use the words ‘fuck’, ‘sex’, ‘shit’, or any other Indian language expletives (including the dubious and oft-repeated ones like ‘bhasmasur trmk’), neither it contained any overt or covert prejudices based on gender, caste, religion, nation, proximity to a river, zoo or jungle, body structure, eating habits, Saurav Ganguly, SRK or Anurag Kashyap camps, or previous comment maker’s knowledge of English, Hindi or Tamil.

The path-breaking comment was made by someone called “Crazy_doll_125_Ludhiana_Idli” and the golden decent words were – “Hi”. Rediff message boards are still grappling with this new unexpected development and many follow-up comments have resorted to strongly abusing  ‘crazy_doll…’ for trying to vilify the atmosphere. Some, like ‘Jat_Boyy_Hot’ feel that “krazy doll niid me bedly” while another regular visitor ‘C K V’ blames “b***rd ludhiana doll” for trying to “abuse South Indians by using idli as an internet-surname.” CKV then goes on to discuss the whole Dravidian history and how Aryans invaded the real India, triggering a fight-back by login names like ‘History_Prof’, ‘Aryan_Bodybuilder’ and ‘GOFUKCMALLU’.

Heated discussions were reported from Rediff’s other message boards too, notably from the thread discussing Indian team’s exit from WC T-20. One longish message by ‘Dhoni_Fan_536’ claimed to know the origins of ‘thees ludhiana dolls…they are all Paki prrostitutues’s…and they gain entry in indiana site’s lyke rediff b looking cute….saying hi…then abyu’se ower site’s, ower country’s, ower player’s…kargil is still fresh in our woond’s…musharaf b***dr, a*** crazy_doll…I kill you.”

Meanwhile, comment moderators and editors at Rediff are still debating whether to retain the ‘decent’ comment or start another fire by removing it.

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105 responses to “Rediff Message Board Gets Its First-Ever Decent Comment In 10 Years

  1. Thanks for the comment. This is a very funny blog. Amazed how I didn’t find it before. Keep up the good work.

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Divyanshu

    ha ha ha… “krazy doll niid me bedly”.. too good brother. take a bow…

  4. Luv Kothari


  5. Mayank

    Dude….I thought this was a freelance site…
    But now it seems to be a paid one.
    It seems that you got a good pay cheque from Rediff to promote their message board 😉
    Well, after all it has been one of their best advertisements – whoever reads this article will be eager to read the Rediff Message board 🙂

    Good one!!

  6. Abe yeh kaisa article likha hai [expletive deleted by wordpress], tum gomti-paar waalon se aur kuch nahin hoga … agar [mother-referencing expletive deleted] toh rediff board pe aa ke post kar..


    /seriously man, good stuff. keep it up!

  7. thedailytamasha

    Kaash ki rediff message boards ko kisi ke recoo ki zaroorat hoti. They are already bursting over…and let’s pray rediff doesn’t sue me, rather than reward me.


    Haa haa….a befitting jawaab! ‘Gomti-paar’….and rediff_Lover_75 (with case-mismatch) are master-strokes! Kreep them coming…what’s a post about comments without a few sizzling ones on its own.

  8. @dailytamasha: Don’t worry, agar oopar waale ki kreepa hui to aise aur bahut saare kreepy comments post karoonga 😛

  9. Came here from India Uncut.
    Awesome satire.

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  11. DesktopFixture

    Yeah, it appears that the commenters on reddit can only think 3 minutes into the past and the future, like snorting wild boars. They still retain a lot from their ape (and whatever was before that) days.

  12. The Shiney Ahuja article also had a comment from hOt_blOOd_pUnjU_444, “b**nc**d if he dun nethin to Crazy_girl… i wul hv kild him!!!!”

  13. awesome post.

    i’m glad someone highlighted our gutless indian instinct to get touch on a frigging message-board when they are acually cowardly e-prowlers…

    keep us smiling. you’re headed for a great reward.

  14. Girish Iyer

    Just surfed in.. Hilarious….LoL. But seriously you should give the devil his credit. Aren’t all those ids creative… “crazy_doll_125_Ludhiana_idli” ; “jat_boyy_hot” ?

  15. hahaha….awesome. Btw i should admit that my favourite pastime is reading Rediff’s message boards.

  16. killdailytamasha


  17. thedailytamasha

    Yeah…today around 3000 hits came via India Uncut! Thanks.

    Says a lot about average Indian’s psyche and need to express, no matter how brashly or uncivilized.

    Good one!

    Yes..this was a very angry post. Courtesy Indian message boards.

    Yup…Rediff should make an art-gallery out of its comments.

    That’s Sonali Bendre. Right?


  18. kart

    lol! came across this from India Uncut.
    A real good read! Wasn’t aware rediff message boards were that interesting. Now I have got a pastime to kill boredom. yoohoo!

  19. Hahaha I was almost rolling on the floor and laughing!!

  20. Holy Kaw ! you shd thnx reDiff for making this post so poplar ! Esselent post ..

    I specially liked the caution upfront and ‘Hi’ is a killer ! C K V blaming usage of idlli – too good .. hats off ..

  21. If you think Rediff comments are bad, try YouTube comments *shudder*

  22. pretty nice blog..
    check out.. Lesben Fotzen

    see you

  23. Deepa

    rofl..that was hilarious..

  24. Rediff sucks in many ways and rediffmail is so irritating (Some sites have specific instructions against any rediffmail during registration)! Rediff had cheated me some years ago (online shopping).

    I have seen abusive comments on Rediff esp in the film reviews!

  25. ezzyjet

    Reading comments on Rediff is better than any comedy movie. 😀

  26. kourtnie

    Universally amusing for all of us plagued by watching flamers on message boards/responses. 🙂

  27. Damn, the comment was “Hi” ? I thought it would be something like “ohh haaaaai l luv u”

  28. Hilarious… picked up this blog from hawtpost. Let’s hope that rediff doesn’t sue you for violating copy right of their first decent comment – “Hi”

  29. perennialcynic

    Excellent article dude. You are better than Onion Uttapam

  30. Essebromikime

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  31. LP

    Hahaha. Rediff’s so jacked.

  32. haha…fun stuff!

    The rediff messageboard is indeed a rather entertaining source of amusement!

  33. Sushant

    arrey waah! 😛

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  35. I am very much disappointment with this posting. In the name of justace, I would command you to expose yourself only!

  36. If rediff marketing guys are smart, they must use your blog to market themself …

  37. I have a Godwin’s law for Rediff Message Boards. As time passes, the probability of the discussing moving towards Pakistan or Islam tends close to one 🙂

  38. thedailytamasha


    Haa haa…that ‘law’ is really funny! That also proves that ultimately ‘God Wins’ (or loses.)

  39. thedailytamasha

    That is one of the most adventurous names I have found on the internet. And trust me – if there is no justace in living, there is JUSTACE after we dye. 🙂

  40. very true… it’s really really tough to find a decent comment out there

  41. anonymiss

    Really funny write up on the rediff message board..Hats off to the satire in this one..

    Thank God ppl at least have that forum to vent out their anger..and inadvertently provide us some laughter relief..

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