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Long Weekend moves court. Won’t take blame for low voting in Mumbai.

Road beckons (Pic: Team BHP)

Road beckons (Pic: Team BHP)

Mumbai. 2 May 2009.

Following all-round criticism for being the sole reason for low voter-turnout in the 30th April Lok-Sabha elections in city, Long Weekend today moved court to clear its name off the slur.  Although most of the court officials were out of town, thanks to Long Weekend itself, a very angry Long Weekend managed to file a contempt plea in the Bandra Court.

Yes, we mean it

Yes, we mean it

Speaking to the media-persons, LW reiterated that “blaming me for low turnout is like blaming Christmas Holiday for Jesus’s birth. I am the effect, and not the cause here.” On being asked whether he himself went out to vote, LW showed the middle-finger and threw a Kareena Kapoor cut-out on the reporters, shouting – “Listen, I didn’t work in that ‘Go out and Vote’ campaign, and I am mighty pissed with these dry-days already, so don’t push me more.”

Meanwhile, experts believe that repeated telecasts of Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago Re’ campaign might be responsible for the widespread fatigue among the voters. Bhavin Shah, a Mumbai Northwest voter said – “I kept on waiting at home for that Jaago-Re guy to come, offer me tea, and drag me to the booth. But none of it happened. What farce!”

Though local media is still tied over who to blame for the 40-percent turnout, it’s learnt from reliable sources that Tata Nano’s upcoming campaign for long weekends is called ‘Bhaago Re!’.



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