Hitler Finds Out About The Media Black-out of Radia Tapes


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15 responses to “Hitler Finds Out About The Media Black-out of Radia Tapes

  1. Ashok

    Common people don’t know the facts. Media is just fabricating the news to pay the attention. . The tapes I think is all tricks… I see some agenda which is malicious.

  2. Hary

    Has this suddenly become a game of free for all. Where is the authentic proof of the connections as mentioned here

  3. Hary

    This video seems to be misrepresentation of Radia tapes

  4. Raju

    This has create to make sensation( Masala type news). Where is the proof of the connections ??

  5. Awesome stuff Varun. Great to see you venturing into new tech with your creativity :).

  6. Bloody funny, Varun! ‘Reichable’ – ha ha

  7. This, Dear Sir, is the best piece of satire I’ve seen in a long long time.

    Thank you, for those deftly worded pauses, that became a part of the dialogue itself.

  8. Karthi

    Cool stuff Varun.Satire at its best…I enjoyed everybit of it.
    Reichable…block in twitter…min of media blackouts to thanking Hitler & MSM 🙂
    Btw., which movie is that clip from?

  9. The video is from the movie “Downfall” , here’s a trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp1RXmM1-60

  10. And the Radia tapes are all available on youtube – you can start with this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIgOItvvsS8

  11. twistleton

    Hary has had a blinding moment of realization it appears. Cheers!

  12. twistleton

    happy noo yar

  13. Krishna Kumar

    Please visit http://thekindu.blogspot.com/

    and read ‘The Kindu’ – India’s Notional Loose Paper

    Please spread the word

  14. twistleton

    i’m starving for news. please update karo. unless you are in trouble.

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