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Contestant Mistakes ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ For ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’

This guy needs some water. That's the truth.

This guy needs some water. That's the truth.

Mumbai. 24 July 2009.

In a week when Indian media mistook Hillary Clinton for Madonna and US authorities mistook Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam for just APJ Abdul Kalam, another case of mistaken identities has come up; this one, just a bit more genuine. Shyam Kukreja, a 28-year old steel-utensils shop owner from Ludhiana, accidentally landed on Star Plus’ new show ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ thinking it to be the show where he will get to marry his dream-girl Rakhi Sawant.

A visibly shaken Kukreja confesses – “I thought the man with long hair, asking me questions about my sex-life and choice of ice-cream flavors is Rakhi Sawant’s brother. They had even called my parents, my school-teacher, and my neighborhood kulfi-waalah’s young daughter too to witness this pre-marital interview. ”

Reports suggest that Kukreja’s spell was broken when he was thrown out after he gifted his “best red underwear” to “Rakhi sawant’s brother” as a “nishaani” of his “amar prem” for “aapki behen”. “I thought that was a very personal gift…and Rakhi loves red colour”, Kukreja later added.

Reality show experts believe Kukreja can’t be faulted for this obvious mistake as both shows deal with facing something difficult, overcoming your inhibitions, owning up to your stupidities in public, and ending up with a win that embarasses more than it boosts.

Role model for millions

Role model for millions

Meanwhile on ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’, the show Kukreja wanted to be a part of, two of the contestants, Ravi Shukla and Pooran Singh,  fell in love with each other and left the show mid-way. Hailing respectively from Kanpur and Malegaon, Ravi and Pooran realized they were made for each other just by the virtue of being on this show.

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Baba Ramdev Uses Yoga To Give Birth To A Child

Just an excuse to touch you, boy

Just an excuse to touch you, boy

Rishikesh. 10 July 2009.

Patanjali exponent, Yoga logarithm, social-advocate and health-expert Baba Ramdev today gave birth to a healthy chubby child using ancient Yoga techniques and his powers of convincing. The delivery was natural and Baba’s meru-dand straight before and after the 27-second long procedure.

As reported earlier, Rishikesh-based Baba Ramdev became pregnant using a secret form of Yoga, the same form which could cure the homosexuals and convert cows into CIA agents. The month-long pregnancy invited curious visitors from across the world including the missing brain of MJ, and Chinese Premier Hu hu cancelled his G-8 summit with the non-chinese world to be by Baba’s side in his moment of fruition.

Baba’s spokesperson, a Yoga-driven I-BOT addressed the media soon after the delivery, and said with a smile – “Yoga can solve Lagrange’s equation too. If only somebody could make the equation sit straight!” Though the speculations are rife as to what this new-born Yoga-Baby could achieve in the years to come, Rakhi Sawant has invited the baby to be a part of her  ‘swayamvar’ show. “I think jab maine iss baby ko dekha…I fell in…spiritual love. And I like pyoorrety. Pyoore peapal, pyoore emotion”, Rakhi said with a genuine twinkle in her eyes.

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