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Pakistan Hurt At ‘Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ Snub Now

Pakistan's Meera, missing from 'Mile Sur' video

Islamabad. 27 January 2010.

With the hurt of IPL-snub still fresh, Pakistani glitterati, sport-stars, and ex-army chiefs were shocked to find that the new video for India’s national integration song ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ didn’t feature a single Pakistani – dead or alive.”This is the stuff great insults are made of”, said an official press release from Pakistan’s External Affairs (East-Side)  ministry.

The strongly-worded press note, printed on the back-side of India’s 26/11 dossier, went on to blame India for “this well-planned conspiracy.” An MEA spokesman, reading from the note, further added that -“if they had no intentions of involving any Pakistani in this video, why did they show so many Pakistanis in ‘Aman ki Asha’ then? Why did they casually show our ex-air chief in a ‘Save Girl Child’ campaign? This is a pin-holder in CBM balloon.”

The mood in Indian media was none different with many top opinion-makers including Suhel Seth and Madhu Kishwar coming out against this “obvious bias” by the ad agency that produced the video. “Shiamak Davar??!!”, screamed Suhel Seth, “What is he doing in the video? Couldn’t we have General Kiyani or Jemima Khan instead? Or Meera – she is a star at par with Deepika.” Seth’s co-panelist, Madhu Kishwar, was equally critical, and asked “If we can have the whole of Bollywood in IPL and the whole of Bollywood in ‘Mile sur’, then why is it wrong to demand Pakistan’s representation in both? What happened to celebrity-to-celebrity contact roadmap?”

Strong opinions, those

Indian minister and avid tweeter, Shashi Tharoor also called Pakistan’s hurt justified, and tweeted “whr is afridi zrdari amisha gul png? srk was good. salman ok. video good bt bad diplmacy. flying to vegas – life’s a gamble. @smkrishna #fun”.

Meanwhile, the latest leaks coming in from Pakistan suggest a strong diplomatic rebuttal. “We may issue a circular, barring all our diplomats from using Dabur Dant Manjan in the morning. See how Indian companies will suffer now!”, a source claimed.


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A True Story

John was a regular 20-year old. Full of life, love, and rosy dreams. He loved Kathy who lived across the John Woo street. John would take her to see the sunset and she would ask him ‘You really love me? Please tell me you will never leave me.’ It was a love blessed by angels.

But one fine day, evil struck. John, who was a poor newspaper boy,  was hit by a milk wagon. His legs were chopped by the doctor. He could not walk anymore. Kathy got the news and she came running to the hospital. But John was gone. He had left, without a message. Kathy cried and cried, asked many people, but John was untraceable. She knew he didn’t want to be a burden on her for the rest of life and that’s why he left.


This is a true story. This could happen to you. But God is great. God loves you. So please pass this photo and message of our God Raj Hirani to 100 people in the next 15-minutes and a miracle will happen.

Note: A man in Washigton passed this message to 100 people and within a week, he won a Nobel Prize. Another man in Hyderabad ignored this message, and within a week, he got deprived of all the women he was getting for 40-years.

Choice is yours. Aal Izz Well.

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