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PM’s revelation : “Nuclear deal just an in-parliament joke. There never was any deal to start-with!”


New Delhi. 9th February.

In a candid revelation to CBS News’ popular prime-time show CBS 60-minutes, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sent shock-waves across the world by admitting that “There never was any Nuclear deal, or even the faintest talks of it in real sense, with America. It was just an in-parliament joke started by Congress-chief Sonia Gandhi, who jumbled up America, KFC, bird-flu, and H5N1 (virus) to accidentally ask – ‘Is America supplying us N-virus?’

The rest, as Singh says, is history with a little bit of diplomacy, media-frenzy, left-wing politics and Indian congress’ jest thrown in. Almost choking with laughter and nostalgia, Manmohan Singh said – “We initially enjoyed the media-hype it generated; and even the tug-of-war with Left front was great, except that we were pulling a non-existent rope there.” On being asked that how did they buy American-side into this farce and Singh winks playfully, adding – “We were never needed to! George Bush just believed what was being printed in the Indian newspapers.”

Reacting strongly to Manmohan Singh’s bombshell, George Bush told the world media to “Take light!”, as he always knew that he was “being taken on a punctured-pony ride” and hence, he never signed any document as ‘George Bush’. “I mis-spelled it as Goerge Bush, deliberately”, American President emphasized.


Meanwhile, the Indian left front was quick to condemn this “latest act of betrayal” by their UPA allies, and immediately called for a “Bandh in West Bengal, Kerala and China Bazaars all over India.”


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