Sachin Quits Twitter As Too Many People Following

Some things are best left unsaid (Image Copyright: The Daily Tamasha) (Click to Enlarge)

Mumbai. 06 May 2010.

“It was not meant to be”, says Vinod Kambli, Sachin Tendulkar’s long-time self-styled friend and unoffcial spokesperson, soon after the Indian batting legend quit micro-blogging site Twitter; noticeably just 48-hours after he had joined it. “It was scary for him to see the follower-count just after one night. The counter was running faster than the India-Population-Clock installed at Churchgate station”, adds Kambli.

Sachin had joined the site (famous for celebs telling salivating common-folks, through a series of photographs and 140-character tweets, that how lavishly ignorant a life they lead as compared to fucked-up ignorant of the common man’s) just 2-days ago, apparently by accidentally clicking a “Join Twitter And See My Hot Photos” request by ZOE_oO.  As it happened, the news spread and more than 10-Lakh followers joined forces to pester their “GOD”, forcing @sachin_rt (God’s twitter Avatar) to rethink his move.

Missing Modi (Image Courtesy: Sachin_RT on Twitter)

“One aaaaayush_fan posted the same message (“GODDDDDDD….REPLY tO Me PLSSSSS”) at least  200 times”, says Sachin soon after pulling the plug on his followers. “I know it’s flattering, humbling etc.  But for how long can I take messages like “U r God….lets kill Kasab”, “Y u not playin t20? Y the fugg (sorry for using bad words in front of my God) is Nehraaa dere”, “Wish I was one of the two crabs u holdin'” and “Heyyyyyyyy….i cant beleeive dis” in my stride?”, adds Sachin with just a glint of frustration in his eyes.

With this, a very-short but memorable chapter in India’s social-celeb space has come to an end, though media-watchers are hopeful that Sachin will soon make a comeback on one of the lesser popular sites like Kyaazoonga or

Hey Tweeple.... (Image: PriyankaChopra on Twitter)

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra posted another ‘muaaww tweeple’ on her Twitter update, sending her 3-lakh plus followers into throes of orgasmic enlightenment.



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4 responses to “Sachin Quits Twitter As Too Many People Following

  1. That’s some news…lol. quite dramatic

  2. He now has over 1.5 lakhs followers and I think he is soon gona cross 1 million 🙂

  3. haha.. no comments.. this post is so full of hilarity I do not know how to single out the specific topic to comment on 😉

  4. thedailytamasha

    As you can see, not many are getting that it’s a satire blog. But then, such are times.

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